For over 30 years now Beach Pizza has been serving delicious pizza and great food in Manhattan Beach. We are located just a Frisbee throw away from the surf in L.A.'s South Bay area. Our other location is in nearby Westchester and both continue to be popular with locals and tourists, so much so the "Entertainment Guide" subscribers voted Beach Pizza Best Pizza in the Greater Los Angeles/South Bay Area. "Pizza Today", an international trade magazine, listed Beach Pizza in its Hot 100 Pizzerias in the U.S.! But don't take their word for it ... come in and eat it for yourselves.

How Are We Different?

Hey ... we love to make pizza! Fresh ingredients and a unique and innovative menu are some of the best reasons for Beach Pizza's great taste. You want shrimp on your pizza? Got it! You want eggplant? You'll get it! Be creative! We also make our dough fresh every single day to create delicious, crispy, New-York-style, thick crusts or the truly traditional thin Italian style. We use the freshest high-quality cheeses and toppings, and use 100% whole milk mozzarella. We also have vegetarian and low-fat pizzas, appetizers, pastas and salads to round out our menu.

Beach Pizza bakes everything on the menu including our awesome chicken wings and mozzarella sticks. We took our deep fat fryer, thanked it ... then threw it out the window to be recycled. We believe food should be fun and as fat free as possible.